InBody Assessments – What you Need to Know

Have you always wondered what’s inside your body?
You know you have muscle mass, body fat, body water, and more but how do you know how you measure up?
It used to require invasive and expensive tests, but not any longer.

InBody Assessments makes it easy to know exactly what’s going on inside your body and in 15 seconds flat.

How InBody Assessments Work

InBody devices send electrical currents through your body (you don’t feel it). The bioelectrical impedance analysis provides you with six readings throughout your body. The exam tells you things like:

  • Body fat mass
  • Skeletal Muscle mass
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Body fat composition
  • Weight
  • Metabolic rate
  • And much more

The Benefits of the InBody Assessment

Most tests doctors or coaches perform are biased. There’s opinion involved in the results, so you don’t get the exact results your body produces. The InBody Assessment is an independent test that doesn’t look at things like gender, body type, or nationality.

The assessment evaluates 5 areas of your body – your limbs (arms and legs) and your torso to give you more accurate results.

The InBody Assessment divides your weight into different categories. Broadly, it divides it into water weight, fat mass, and lean body weight. Knowing the numbers, you can determine how to change your lifestyle, so you achieve your desired goals.

Knowing how your body operates and what it needs may help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

The InBody Assessment can Help you Get Healthy

If you’re looking for a way to get healthy, the InBody Assessment can be the perfect start. You’ll know more about your body than ever before and can make health decisions accordingly. You don’t need to do anything special and the test itself takes only a matter of minutes.

Before you can say ‘InBody Assessment’ you’ll have the results you need to make proper health decisions to live your best life.

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